Overnights / Visits

Laurie is exceedingly detail-oriented, kind and conscientious when caring for our beloved lab, Buddy. During one of the area's worst storms in 10 years, Laurie forged through torrential rains and storms to ensure that our dog was safe, dry and well cared for while we were out of town. (She was able to reach all of her other pet-sitting clients' homes as well.) We can't say enough about Laurie. Her dedication and spirit is both a comfort and an inspiration. Precious Pets Animal Care sets the bar for excellent pet care.
Kathleen Buckstaff, Belvedere
For the past three years, I have relied upon Laurie to care for my 13-year-old cat Baxter while I'm away. Baxter has diabetes and requires insulin injections every 12 hours. He's also more like a dog in terms of his emotional need for bonding and affection. Laurie is very conscientious about the timing of her visits to ensure that Baxter maintains his insulin schedule, in addition to giving him the extra love he needs. Laurie is an "animal person" who is also highly professional, a winning combination for a pet sitter.
Trisha Hensley, Mill Valley
Laurie and her staff make my dog, Sierra, feel safe and comfortable by sticking to her routines during overnight stays. Sierra is happiest in her own home and as a devoted pet owner and frequent traveler I want the best for her. I recommend Precious Pets Animal Care to all of my dog-loving friends. No matter how far away I travel or how long I'm away, I never have to worry about Sierra or my home. What a great feeling!
Kris McNeal, Novato
My housemates and I joke that Laurie is my dog's "girlfriend" because he gets so excited whenever she comes to our gate to walk him. For this reason, I recently hired her for a four-day overnight stay. In the past, I've always boarded him and he's always come home agitated and stressed afterward. What a relief it was to see him so relaxed and well behaved when I returned. It was like having a trainer in my home!
Molly Hartle, Mill Valley
Before we even leave town, Laurie and her staff take great care to understand our dogs, their personalities and routines. They're warm-hearted animal lovers, just like us, and we feel very comfortable leaving Sasha and Trinka in their capable hands. The best part? Sasha and Trinka love them, too.
Gretchen Fieschko and Larry Van Cantfort, San Rafael
It means a lot to me to be able to go on a trip knowing that my dogs, Mac and Cassie, are loved and well cared for by someone they adore. Laurie makes all that possible while beautifully taking care of my home. Thanks, Laurie, for reassuring me that both my dogs and house are in safe, good hands. It makes going away much more enjoyable.
Mickie Lloyd, Sausalito
My dog, Chip, requires frequent feedings, special handling and someone in the house while we're away. Our other dog, Skip, is a puppy. Laurie's pet sitters consistently balance Chip's need for extra love, attention and care with my puppy's need for lots of exercise and play. What a relief to know my pets and home are in great hands.
Linda L., Mill Valley

Dog Walking

Laurie Martin and her team members have been absolutely terrific with our Bernese Mountain Dog, Sundance. They often walk her on trails with several other dogs so she gets great exercise and healthy socialization. Every time Laurie or one of her team members comes to the house, Sundance runs out, shaking her hips and swirling her tail, excited for her next adventure. Laurie and her staff are delightful to work with and have always been thoughtful, responsive and on time. I highly recommend Precious Pets.
Eva Price, Belvedere
I really appreciate Laurie's ability to communicate with clients and her professionalism. When Laurie first started walking Sydney, she checked in with me frequently. Since then, she checks in with me whenever she has a question or a concern. It's great to be at work and not worry if Syd's getting exercise and attention, and even more wonderful to come home to a happy, tired dog!
Tenley Harrison, Mill Valley
I called Precious Pets for my four-year-old Labrador mix after getting a rave review from my neighbor. And, boy, was I glad. Laurie proved diligent, thoughtful and professional and even called me with post-walk reports during the first week!
Karen Kofod, Mill Valley
I started having Laurie walk my dog after injuring my back. Everyday, Sassy eagerly awaits her arrival. Laurie loves Sassy and I no longer worry about my dog getting the exercise she needs.
Pat Brabant, Tiburon
Laurie Martin and her team at Precious Pets provide overnight pet care and dog walking services of the highest caliber. They are very reliable, flexible and responsible. I would recommend them to anyone!
Rod Rogers, MD, and Grant Colfax, MD, Sausalito
On days when my nine-year-old lab, Dirk, walks with Laurie or Ushuaia and their pack, he's happily exhausted and smiling. When Dirk smiles, I smile.
Shannon Mannix, Mill Valley
Our high-energy, two-year-old Labrador is nuts about his outings with Laurie's canine gang.
Monica Stratton, Mill Valley